Trading Commodities at ETFinance – Get the Facts

What are commodities

When people think of commodities, they often think of the boring necessities of life: sugar, wheat, oil, gold. And in a way, they are right.


Commodities are the basic goods that drive the economy. The farm products, building materials, natural resources…you know, all those boring things. But while those items might not have glamour appeal, as investments, they are anything but boring.


Commodity trading can be lucrative and making profits is certainly not boring at all. Here at ETFinance, you can trade commodities with contracts for difference, or as we abbreviate it, CFDs.

Commodity Trading via CFDs

At ETFinance, you can choose to invest in a variety of commodities, both those referred to as soft commodities and those known as hard. The two types are divided by how they are sourced.


Soft commodities are those that are generally grown. These include agricultural products such as cocoa and soybeans.


Hard commodities are typically goods that are mined or extracted from the ground, such as natural gas and precious metals like gold and platinum.


It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in trading a hard commodity like silver or a soft one like cotton, you will find a wide choice of commodities that you can trade via CFDs with us.


Choose precious metals CFDs such as platinum, palladium, copper and silver


Choose consumer products CFDs such as corn, sugar, cocoa and wheat

Natural resources

Choose natural resources CFDs such as gasoline, light sweet crude oil, Brent oil and natural gas

CFD's advantage

One of the advantages when trading with CFDs is that you are able to trade without having to purchase or own the underlying assets. This gives you additional liquidity and great freedom.


When you trade CFDs, you are basing your decision on predictions. Another advantage of CFDs? You can trade on prices going up as well as down, which is useful in bear markets or when you are expecting the market or your asset to tank.  

Trading Commodity CFDs at ETFinance

ETFinance is a regulated brand. Discover some of the standout points that make us a solid trading broker:

  • MetaTrader, our super powerful and award-winning platform with cross-device trading no matter where you choose to trade from: your PC, your smartphone or tablet, or from the web.
  • Assets galore. In addition to a nice range of commodities, you can find CFDs in stock shares, currency pairs, top cryptocurrencies and important indices.
  • A choice of account tiers – find the account with the features that fit your trading style.
  • Low spreads and solid leverage to give you more capital to trade with.
  • An easy-to-access ETFinance learning hub. Get all the educational resources you need including webinars, videos, articles, courses to put you on the path to success.
  • A commission-free plan for opening or closing positions.
  • A friendly group of customer support representatives to answer your questions and concerns 7.00am-19.00pm (GMT) weekdays.

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